What Is a Manabloc System and Is It Worth It?

If you’re remodeling your home’s plumbing system, you should consider installing a ManaBloc system. Manabloc systems are the future of home plumbing. They’ll revolutionize your water, and make your life a lot easier in the long run.

Keep reading for a rundown on everything you need to know about ManaBloc systems.

What Is a ManaBloc System?

The best way to think about a ManaBloc system is as a central station for plumbing.

ManaBloc systems channel water from your water supply all around the home. They use sets of PEX tubes rather than copper to carry the water where it needs to go.

The best part is that each plumbing fixture has its own line. That means no water pressure or heating fights, and easy shutoff access. This makes ManaBloc systems the most cost-effective, energy-efficient all-around plumbing solution.

The ManaBloc system looks something like a long box with many fixtures on each side. It hooks into your water source and heater, and distributes the water through your home via its lines. There are two lines for each source — a blue line for cold water, and a red line for hot.

ManaBloc systems leak less and are much easier to install than other alternatives.

Rather than copper, ManaBloc systems use plastic tubing for each fixture. This allows for more efficient water flow. These are cheaper to produce but more adaptable, as the pipes can run through walls and tight spaces that copper piping would struggle with.

Why Install a ManaBloc System?

A ManaBloc System will give you ultimate control over your home’s plumbing. Giving each water fixture its own line gives you easy control over each and every tap. If you have a plumbing emergency with the sink, for example, head to the ManaBloc system and close the line to the sink.

Using a ManaBloc means you can shut the water off in one room without affecting the rest of the home’s water supply. This is especially helpful for families.

ManaBloc systems have two lines for each source — a blue line and a red line. The blue line handles cold water, and the red handles hot. If you need, you can shut off just cold or hot water for any given line, giving you even further control over your water.

Being able to control every water fixture from a single source in your home is also a real life changer. It eliminates a lot of stress in emergency and leak situations.

In some homes, water shutoff sources are scattered around the home. With a ManaBloc system, everything is in one place. You don’t have to stumble around looking for the shutoff valve in a certain room; they’re all on the ManaBloc!

The typical ManaBloc system comes with 24 ports, meaning 24 separate lines. You can also go lower with around 14 ports, or higher with up to 36.

Perhaps most impressively, ManaBloc systems mean no fighting over water pressure or temperature! With a ManaBloc, you can run a hot shower and a sink in the kitchen without any fluctuations or pressure loss. Now that’s revolutionary.

ManaBloc Systems Save Water

If you’re trying to be more water-conscious, ManaBloc systems are the way to go. In a world where being green is a top priority, ManaBlocs help make that extra push.

Because you’ve got a separate line for each water source, water only goes where it needs when in use. If you’re running the shower, the ManaBloc will only send water through the shower line. This leads to considerable savings over time!

ManaBlocs waste less water as the pipes store less water at a time. Less water is being flushed out when you turn on your hot water, meaning a more efficient experience. This also means fewer temperature fluctuations!

This is especially true for family situations. If you’re in a large family, chances are someone is using water at all times. ManaBlocs ensure water is used most efficiently, and that nobody is struggling to get pressure.

ManaBloc Systems Are Easy to Install

On top of all this, ManaBloc systems are very affordable and easy to install! You can purchase a ManaBloc for between $150 and $300, and easily install it yourself. You can also call a plumber to install it for the most stress-free experience.

Most plumbers will give you an excellent rate for installation. The process is very labor non-intensive, so labor costs will be very generous. ManaBlocs really do help you save right from square one!

The Downsides of ManaBloc Systems?

There are a few things to consider before locking into the ManaBloc system.

First, it’s important to buy a new ManaBloc system when shopping around. Some old systems use polybutylene pipes rather than the now-standard PEX piping. Polybutylene isn’t the most reliable material and is known to cause leaks over time.

Always go for that PEX piping.

Some ManaBloc systems also have odd-sized piping, coming in at around 3/8-inches. Pipes this size need specific crimping tools and fittings, which can cause some issues for your plumber.  However, there are ManaBloc systems available with much more common 1/2-inch piping now.

It’s important to consider all these things when shopping around for a ManaBloc. The best strategy is to get a new ManaBloc rather than a used one. This will ensure you’re getting the best, most up-to-date product.

Is a ManaBloc System Worth It?

ManaBloc systems are worth it in almost every way. They save you time, energy, water, and money. They’re adaptable to all home situations, and allow you to have individual lines for every water source in an extremely convenient way.

All this plus no more temperature and pressure fluctuations make the ManaBloc system a true no-brainer. ManaBloc systems are new to the scene, but they’ll be staples of most homes in no time. They’re simply too convenient to resist!

Step into the future of plumbing with a ManaBloc system. You’ll be happy you did!

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