What’s The Difference Between A Plumber And A Plumbing Contractor?

Although many people think they’re the same, plumbers and plumbing contractors are technically different from one another. It’s sometimes confusing for regular homeowners to differentiate plumbers and plumbing contractors from one another, but the truth is that these two similar jobs actually are very different from one another and require unique responsibilities. Although a lot […]

5 Ways a Professional Plumber Can Help You

Do you know when to call a professional plumber? Many people think of calling the plumber when you have a leaking pipe, but that is not all that plumbers can do. In fact, they are experts at a variety of different repairs and installations involving all the water systems, pipes, and water-related appliances in your […]

What Qualifications to Look for in a Plumber

Plumbers have a very specific set of skills that they use to make sure that the pipes and water-related appliances in your home are working properly at all times. Without any knowledge of plumbing (which is the case for most homeowners) it can be hard to know what to look for when you’re planning to […]