Are Tankless Water Heaters The Future of Residential Plumbing Systems?

Tankless water heaters are very popular among residential plumbing systems here in northern Utah, and here’s why! If your water heater is causing abnormally high energy bills and needs constant maintenance, then it might be time to consider investing in a tankless water heater system that can help you save on utility costs. Residential plumbing […]

Protecting Your Residential Plumbing: Essential Tips For Avoiding Frozen Pipes & Backflow Prevention

Frozen pipes and backflow issues can wreak havoc on your residential plumbing system, so here are our tips to protect your northern Utah property! A lot of northern Utah homeowners are rightfully concerned about protecting their residential plumbing system from frozen pipes, backflow issues, and other dilemmas. These plumbing repairs are particularly relevant as we […]

Residential Plumbing Industry Trends That’ll Stand Out During 2024!

There are many upcoming residential plumbing trends that northern Utah property owners should prepare for! Tech innovations are changing many industries in 2023, including the local plumbing industry here in northern Utah. Home and business owners in our region are continuously investing in cutting-edge plumbing solutions that improve sustainability, water conservation, and overall efficiency. 2024 […]

Do You Still Need To Winterize Your Residential Plumbing System?

It’s not too late to winterize your residential plumbing system! Although northern Utah is known for its dry summers, our area is also known for receiving extremely harsh winters that include snowstorm after snowstorm between November and April. While the temperatures tend to be somewhat warmer along the valley floor as compared to the upper […]

Preventing Stinky Shower Drains in Your Home

If you smell something bad in your shower or tub drain, that’s a sure sign you’ve got a blockage or possibly a mold problem. Here are our tool-free ways to prevent these issues! A lot of our customers invest in scented shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and shaving creams to ensure their shower time is relaxing. After […]

Top Tips for Tackling Mild Drain Clogs

Slow-draining tubs and sinks can make daily life a hassle. Here are our tips for addressing minor clogs before they become major problems. Have you ever taken a lovely hot shower only for it to become an unintentional bathtub? Suddenly, what should be your private time becomes a race against time; you have to get […]

Common Reasons For A Slow-Flushing Toilet

Slow-flushing toilets are a frustrating experience for many homeowners. Read on to learn about the common causes and what you can do about them! Common Reasons For A Slow-Flushing Toilet If your toilet starts taking much too long to flush, dozens of thoughts can flood your mind as soon as you notice: what’s making it […]

Water Waste Woes: Our Tips for Managing Water Waste

We all know water is expensive. That’s why at Beehive Plumbing, we have tips to help you conserve it and save money on your water bill. We all know water is necessary for life; whether we’re drinking it or using it to wash our dishes, we simply can’t live without it. Many companies make billions […]

Different Types of Water Valves Found in Plumbing Systems, and What They Do

A lot of northern Utah home and business owners know a lot about their plumbing system, but not too many people know about water valves! A lot of homeowners throughout northern Utah simply aren’t aware about the many types of water valves that are connected into our residential plumbing and commercial plumbing systems. The truth […]

Planning a Summer Vacation? Tips To Prep Your Residential Plumbing System For Extended Getaways!

One step of summer vacation planning is making sure your residential plumbing is ready for you to leave! It’s that time of year again when northern Utah families are planning out their upcoming summer vacations, and we all know just how important extended getaways are for our outdoor recreation and family time. But when you’re […]