What Are The Different Types of Urinals?

Our urinal services are here to support you no matter what type of urinals you’re interested in! Urinals are very common in all public bathrooms because of their overall functionality and size. Just about any bathroom wall can feature a urinal because of they don’t take up much space, and more men can be accommodated […]

7 Factors To Consider When You’re Investing In Commercial Urinal Services

We’ve helped countless commercial properties through our comprehensive urinal services, so here are some of our expert tips to keep in mind! When you’re in the process of purchasing urinals for your business or commercial property of any kind, then you’ll undoubtedly have several important factors that you’ll need to keep in mind to make […]

5 Common Urinal Services Repairs That Business Leaders Should Know About

Businesses of all types require urinal services every now and again, and the Beehive Plumbing team is here to support your commercial plumbing issues! There are countless commercial properties throughout Northern Utah that utilize urinal fixtures within their men’s bathrooms, and it’s true that your urinals are always designed to last for multiple decades at […]

5 Reasons To Consider Upgrades Within Your Urinal Services To Waterless Urinals

Beehive Plumbing specializes in all types of commercial plumbing procedures, and we’ll be there for your business as you require upgrades to your urinal services! It’s understandable how the vast majority of business leaders don’t think about their restrooms when they consider ideas about how they can improve their company and customer satisfaction, but there […]