What’s a Sewer Line Belly & How Do You Fix It?

A sewer line belly can be a very dangerous issue, which is why this plumbing repair requires professional help! A sewer line belly, also known as bellying or sagging, is a plumbing term that refers to a dip or low point within an underground drainage or sewer pipe. This type of dip usually creates a […]

Benefits Of A Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Here’s what you need to know about trenchless sewer line repairs for your property! Trenchless sewer line repairs are a tech-savvy strategy that has largely eliminated the need for all sorts of heavy machinery when a property experiences a damaged sewer line. There’s now no need for digging due to pipe lining and other innovative […]

What Are The Signs Of A Broken Sewer Pipe?

When your home or business is experiencing a broken sewer pipe, you’re going to need to call in the Beehive Team for a sewer line repair! Broken sewer pipes are something that you simply can’t ignore, and this is largely because there are all sorts problems that can occur when your sewer pipes are malfunctioning. […]

5 Common Reasons To Call Us For A Pipe Inspection Camera Appointment

Many of our sewer line repairs begin with a pipe inspection camera appointment, so here are some warning signs to be on the lookout for! Although no one looks at their property’s sewer lines on a daily basis, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be concerned about what’s going on behind the scenes within your […]

Common Warning Signs That You May Need A Sewer Line Repair

When a home or business needs a sewer line repair, it’s always a serious plumbing job! When any component of your plumbing system fails, you’re inevitably going to undergo some rather serious inconveniences. This is particularly the case when your home or business requires a sewer line repair. Any sewage line issues are best to […]

Why You Need To Be On The Lookout For Corroded Pipes

Corroded pipes are very serious plumbing repairs, so here are some ways to help you keep a lookout for common corrosion warning signs! It’s important for all home and business owners to understand that metal of all types is in a constant state of corrosion. Although corrosion is typically a very slow process, it’s simply […]

The Plumbing Issues With Your Trees And Sewer Lines

Tree root infiltration is a very common plumbing problem throughout Northern Utah for both residential and commercial properties! The real estate market has been booming throughout Salt Lake City and all of Northern Utah, and it’s natural for home buyers to be drawn towards properties with lots of mature trees and shady areas. We all […]

Trenchless Pipe Lining 101: What You Need To Know

Here’s everything you need to know about trenchless pipe lining! Even the best built sewer line that’s made with the best materials will eventually begin to wear out, and this is partly because sewer lines are exposed to incredibly harsh operating conditions on a day-to-day basis. Over long periods of time, your sewer lines will […]

Warning Signs That You Need A Sewer Line Repair

Needing a sewer line repair is always a serious issue, but many times it’s hard to know that there’s something wrong until it’s too late! Your home’s sewer line is likely one of the most important parts of your entire plumbing system, because after all it does play a major role when it comes to […]

Common Signs That Your Home May Need A Sewer Line Repair

Knowing when you need a sewer line repair can sometimes be a lot easier said than done, and the Beehive Plumbing specialists will be there when you need us! Sewer issues are always really serious, but what’s particularly troubling about sewer plumbing problems is that many homeowners simply don’t realize that they have a problem […]